About carbohydrate restriction

I’m Marina, and dietitian. I went to Yokohama to donate blood. The last time I donated blood was last year. Because there are few blood donation stations in the place where I live now. Surprisingly, 2 of Blood donate stations are nearby Yokohama station.

During blood donation, I read a book about carbohydrate restriction. Could you imagine carbohydrate restrictions? When we restrict carbohydrates, our meal increase the ratio of protein and fat. So, I think people with kidney problems should not restrict carbohydrate. The reason a high-protein diet isn’t good for them, protein make them kidney more burden.

But ,The book I read while donating blood did not mention avoiding people with problems. I think it’s a problem. Every method has its advantages and disadvantages, so It needs to write about who should avoid it. That it ,See you soon ( *´艸`)


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